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My name is Agung Utama Putra, a Balinese Hindu living and operating in Lombok. I have been running a real estate business for almost 12 years. I have been involved in all aspects of land buying and selling properties around Lombok.As you can see on my web I have many testimonial references, which with my prior knowledge you are free to make your own inquires with, just let me know out of courtesy that you make an approach. My first clients are the owners of The Anandita villa, (; a luxury estate on the finest beach in Lombok.

The owners were so pleased with my assistance that they handed control of the operations for The Anandita management as General Manager for their villa. I was at the start to finish of this estate, finding the land, negotiating the costs assisting with building agents and standing in as nominee for the ownership structure

I’m a specialist on North Lombok area, South Lombok area also East Lombok area; and also SUMBAWA area , SEKOTONG area , GILI Area (Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan) so if you have a dream and want some help to get there please let me know.

My scope of service:

I can arrange due diligence for buyers to protect my clients to do the right things before a transaction, check all paperwork with land officers,measure the land, prepare notary briefings, etc. My main interest is that clients are safe in their purchase of property. There are so many agents that have different ways of operating; my philosophy is to be with you from the “start to the end”; wherever the end is, be it land only or a full assistance with projects. I strive to ensure no problems arise in the future with my clients.

As you know in Lombok there have been cases of some double certificate, this is a risk to me and my clients; hence my assistance in the due diligence process. Once you are client of Lombok Global, then you are “client for life not just the sale”. This is the key differentiators when comparing to the competitors you will meet. Lombok Global is with you start to finish and will always be there if you should come back to us for any assistance.

As you will see from the testimonials, many are now part of a network of friends and partners due to the wide variety of support I have provided. See:

By the way, you don’t have to have purchased from me if you need help, eg James Galleghar who bought land at Lembongan Bali, with my pleasure, I helped him to be his nominee for his land.So please feel free to ask for whatever you need and we can see how best to deliver the requirement. If you have any question please contact me.