One of the best and common way to go to Lombok is via Bali. Currently the 3 main ways to reach Lombok from Bali, by flight or  by fast boat or by large ferry that will also accommodate your car as well as your motor bike. Presently, the new International Airport is officially operated. We advise you to find a travel agent to check for flight connections if you are going to Lombok from further afield, as the facilities at the new airport can now handle medium to long haul aircraft types. Seasonal Charter Flights flies to Lombok directly from Moscow and by the end of this year direct flights from various cities in Australia will fly much more often to Lombok.

How to get to lombok

Flights  :

  • Lion Air, Garuda Indonesia, and Silk Air offer several flight of services every day.
  • There are 4 direct flights every week from Singapore to Lombok provided by Silk Air.
  • There are 5 direct flights every week from Malaysia to Lombok provided by Air Asia.
  • And 2 times a week of Jetstar flight from Perth to Lombok.
  • Moreover, in January 2015 , Dragon Air  will officially open a direct flight route  from Hongkong  to Lombok.

Public Ferry:

  • Large ferries carries passengers, goods and vehicles operated daily in Padang Bai (near Candi Dasa in Bali) and Lembar Harbour (Lombok).
  • Going by ferry will be relatively slow, it takes around 4-8 hours to reach destination depending on weather conditions.

Fast Boat:

  • There are 15 water taxi operators, crossing from Bali to Lombok and to  Gili Islands.
  • There are 15 times a day of crossing everyday from Bali to Lombok.
  • Some of the common routes are :
    Benoa to Gili Trawangan and Teluk Nare,
    Padang Bai to Gili Trawangan and Senggigi,
    Padang Bai to Teluk Nare.
  • Departure locations from Bali are :
    Badung :  Nusa Dua, Benoa Harbour, Sanur
    Karangasem : Padang Bai.
  • Tour operators also provide hotel transfers to and from your port of departure and arrival.
  • The crossing takes approximately 2 to 3 hours and departs daily at approximately 8:00 am depending on weather conditions.


Golf Activity

Kosaido Country  Club

Kosaido Country Club


Rinjani Club

Rinjani Golf Club

Lombok has 2 golf courses. There are also several new courses planed for construction in Kuta Mawi Beach – South Lombok Indonesia and Sekotong. The uncrowded Lombok Golf Kosaido Country Club and Rinjani Golf Club, the island is well equipped to meet the needs of golf enthusiasts. The 18- hole, Kosaido located on Shire Bay on the North West Coast of Lombok Island, offers a magnificent view of Mt Rinjani on the North East and Gili Islands across the bay to the west. It is 45 minutes drive from Materam Selaperang Airport and 40 minutes drive from Sengigi Resort Area, while Rinjani Golf Club is located 30 minutes from Materam at the foothill of Golong Sedau Narmada.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Lombok Snorkeling and Diving Gili

The Gili Island is a perfect place to go to dive and snorkel in the clear blue waters abundant with under water life. Diving in Lombok Indonesia. There are many PADI professional dive shops on the Gilis with certified dive masters.

The most popular ones are,

  • Blue Marlin,
  • Dream Divers,
  • Trawangan Dive,
  • Dive Indonesia,
  • Blue Coral,
  • and Manta Dive.

Trips are from beginner to advanced. A note of caution if snorkeling alone due to strong currents.


Desert Point

Desert Point

South of Lombok, Kuta, provides the best wave to surf. Most of the waves break offshore rolling beside perfectly shaped coral reefs. It makes this location is safe for swimming  and protected white sandy beaches. You will need a boat to reach some breaks. Another famous surfing spot is Banko Banko or known by most surfers as Desert Point. 

Fishing Paradise

Being in Lombok and not going for a fishing expedition is like having a cake without the icing. Lombok’s water is endowed with a multitude of fish species. Fishing enthusiasts can hope for an enthralling experience in blue open water of Lombok.

Fishing Spots :

  • The South West of Lombok towards Banko Banko opposite to South West of Lombok.
  • The Gilli Islands north west of Lombok Is another interesting fishing site.
  • Apart from these two outstanding fishing grounds, the Kuta beach, the coastline along Tanjung Luar Village and sometimes even the remotest corner of Sengigi Beach.

Equipment Needed For Fishing In Lombok :

  • The traditional fisherman in the area still uses the age old fishing apparatus along with the tiny outrigger called the Sampan.
  • But the professional fishing charters uses updated branded equipment for fishing. The fishing experts can also bring their own equipment for their own ease.

Types of Fish Found In Lombok :

Barracuda, trevaly, big tuna, stingray, sharks’ and nyale are the most common occupants of the sea.

The Nyale Fishing Festival :

One of The activities during this festival is Bau Nyale. The Nyale Fishing Festival on Kuta Beach is an annual affair for which the islanders eagerly wait throughout the year. The 19th of October according to Sasak calender, which is actually the months of, February or March lots of Sasak people congregate on Kuta Beach when bonfires are lit up and the youth compete with each other in rhyming couplets called Pantuns. The first Nyale caught next morning initiates the festivities and the entire Lombok plunges into merry making. Young boys and girls sail out to sea in adorned boats and per sue each other with occasional shouts and cheers. The focus of this festival is the Nyale Fish which resembles a worm and whose consumption is considered to emit aphrodisiac properties. If the catch is excellent then the harvest in that year is supposed to be high-flying. So don’t miss fishing next time you are in Lombok islands.

Wildlife National Park

 rinjani national park and moyo island

The place is non other than Lombok when one gets the pleasure to indulge in a wildlife adventurous tour. Feel the introspective calmness in the air as you travel through Lombok, which has a varied spread of fauna and vegetation as sighted from the presence of several Wildlife and National Parks in Lombok.
Trek along the Gunung Rinjani Mountains that stands in the second position as one of the highest volcanoes within Indonesia. Nestled within Nusa Tenggara Barat this is a unique spot to venture to. The uncanny seclusion along with soaring mountain peaks are the soul attraction of this area. Known for having the Gunung Rinjani National Park, which is recognized as one of the distinguished Wildlife & National Parks in Lombok seems to be instituted here.

Lombok has always been famous for its Mt Rinjani hiking tours. In 2004 Mt Rinjani received a World Legacy Award from National Geographic for developing eco tourism in the Rinjani National Park. At 3,726 m, Rinjani waits to be climbed as a safe and arduous 3-days hike, to view the turquoise waters of its crater lake.

Catch glimpses of the dazzling emerald water of Lake Segara Anak along with dense expanses of wide ranging forests. From tropical vegetation to captivating wildlife, the area enthralls you with all kinds of beauty.

Watch out for species like,

  • Water Buffalo,
  • Barking Deer,
  • Long-Tailed Macaques,
  • Wild Pig
  • and Civets that can be frequently sighted.

Moyo Island is yet another Wildlife Reserve among the Wildlife & National Parks in Lombok that are scattered with grassy savannah lands and Sporadic Forested areas. It is nestled along the northern coast of Sumbawa towards the eastern end off Lombok.

Watch out for native animals like Deer and Feral Cattle while birds spreading along the coastline with species like

  • Orioles,
  • Coequals,
  • Sunbirds,
  • Koels
  • and Drongos.