Stephanie Gibbons (Canada) and Andrew Loader (New Zealand)


Reason for review: Lombok Global Services

Subject: Project site on Lombok Gilli islands

How we are rated: Highly rated would recommend
To whom this may concern,

We are writing to introduce you to Agung Utama Putra, whom we have known since July 2008.

After unsuccessfully searching for a suitable residential plot of land in Thailand for several years, our thoughts turned to Indonesia, and more specifically, Lombok. Having received poor service from several local real estate agents, we were referred to Agung. The next day, Agung invited us to his home in Mataram and at once, Agung presented himself to be as someone who was helpful, professional, and, more importantly, someone who was going to listen to our requests. We were tired of agents trying to sell us pieces of land that they wanted to sell, rather than a piece of land that fit our requirements. Agung then spent some time trying to source a suitable plot. Through his extensive local contacts Agung located the perfect plot of land for us within a few days. It fulfilled all of our specifications: it was of a modest size (less than 1 hectare), had absolute beachfront and an interesting aspect (faces four small islands and the southwestern peninsula, as well as the sunset), and was quiet – away from a main road and traffic (no surrounding development – for now). 

Unfortunately, the next day we left Lombok. Over the next few months we stayed in contact with Agung. During this period he never let a day go by without responding to our frequent emails and text messages. By the time we flew back to Lombok in December 2008, Agung had accomplished the following:

 arranged for the purchase of access from the owner of the land next door
 had the property surveyed
 negotiated a price much lower than the estate agent’s final offer
 finalized the transfer of the title deeds for the property
 arranged all documentation through the notary of our choice
 had the land cleared and fenced
 successfully sourced fresh water on the land

Perhaps Agung’s most noteworthy quality is not his ability to handle all aspects of sourcing and purchasing property in Lombok. Nor is it his capability of dealing with everything else, right up to the completed construction, staffing and management of your project. In our opinion, Agung’s best attribute is his trustworthy nature. This is particularly important during what can be a difficult time for many foreigners.

Having said all of the above, we unreservedly recommend Agung for whatever dream you have in mind for
Lombok – large or small.

Should you have any questions or concerns, whether it is about Agung or even our experience buying land in
Indonesia, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or email.


Stephanie Gibbons (Canada) and Andrew Loader (New Zealand)


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