Mark Davies


Reason for review: Lombok Global Services

Subject: Project site on Lombok Gilli islands

How we are rated: Highly rated would recommend

To who it may concern

My wife and I have been searching throughout Asia / Thailand , Vietnam and Indonesia for the past 3 years to find our dream location and create an Asian beach holiday house or maybe a boutique resort. As everyone knows reading this our quest is a difficult one and I suppose if it was easy

everyone would be doing it. In saying the above we finally came across the gili islands and fell in love with a beach front lot on the little gem island Gili Meno. The shortened version of this story started on Gili T about 16 Mths ago when we started talking to some locals about land values. The talk around Gili t was that Gili Gede was the place to look at as it is undeveloped which also meant the

possibility of picking up some land in our budget. I looked on the Internet for land on Gede and came across Lombok global biz and Mr Agung , we made contact and arranged to meet and get down there to have a look. Agung really put in a lot of time over 3 separate trips and even organised

a guide to show us the final block , Agung just wouldn’t give up on us trying to find that perfect block.

In the end Sharon and i decided that Gede just wasn’t what we were looking for so on a last minute request the day before we were to fly back to aust we asked Agung if he had any land on the gilis, which really meant starting all over again. Again Agung did not let us down and after 4 separate trips we finally found our dream block which really in the end is the easy part as the legalities in Indonesia is testing. Again Agung came to the rescue and talked us through how it all works. We finally made the deal and await the stamped certificate from the title office as it does take some time to arrange this Agung is now helping by introducing us to building contractor and architects some of which created resorts like Quinci villas and sudamala resort ,Agung has a wealth of knowledge and contacts which we find very very helpful I think the big problem anyone has in dealing with these types of transactions is honesty and because of all the double certificates that you hear about I think you really have to have someone like Agung to help achieve the end result I am going to try and help Agung with this situation and get some Aust legal land contracts which I think will ease the clients pressure If anyone would like to talk to me about my experience dealing with Agung please contact me.

Mark Davies


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