James Gallagher


Reason for review: Lombok Global Services

Subject: Bali and Nusa Lembogan Land and Project Investment

How we are rated: Highly rated would recommend

To whom it may concern,

I have known Agung Utama Putra since March 2009. Agung is the legal owner of my land in Bali because as a foreigner I cannot own land directly. 

The purchase of land in a country such as Indonesia is a rather convoluted process. As someone with extensive commercial experience in buying and leasing land, the process was no less daunting. 

Prior to asking Agung to be the legal owner (nominee) of my land, I commissioned Agung to carry out some basic survey of land near Bali. Not only did he do this with aplomb, but he also came back to me with an array of new opportunities which I would have never discovered alone. He assisted with communicating with nearby owners, made friends quickly with locals and assisted with general due diligence.

In addition on many occasions I have asked Agung to travel to various locations close to Bali, often with extremely short notice. He has always accommodated my requests despite holding down an important business in Lombok.

Past history is not always an indicator of future events, but as someone who can now speak the language and who has many friends in Bali, I know Agung is a rare blend within the property world, of professionalism, honesty and integrity. Should you wish to discuss using Agung services further or simply desire further information about buying and owning land in Indonesia, I would be happy to assist.


James Gallagher



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