Francois Michael Vandenheste


Reason for review: Lombok Global Services

Subject: Owner The Anandita Villa Lombok

How we are rated: Highly rated would recommend

Dear Investor.

I am writing you this short message to recommend to you my friend AGUNG UTAMA PUTRA. As a FRENCH national living in Hong Kong, I have been over 20 times in INDONESIA in the past 15 years and decided to buy a land in LOMBOK for VILLA development.

During my exploration of available sites, I met AGUNG , and with his help I have been able to complete my dream of a beach villa on a superb tropical site.

Since one may find it hard to find someone both competent and trustworthy, I do not hesitate to strongly recommend AGUNG to you. With his high degree of efficiency, deep knowledge of local codes, ability to find the appropriate information and communication and coordination skills,

AGUNG is someone you can trust and very instrumental on my project for the following:

•Sourcing of available lands

•Verification of land conditions

•Negotiation with owners

•Setting up of nominee papers with lawyers and notaries

•Coordination with local authorities for road access, water, electricity, telephone, building permit

•Coordination for garden design and gardening

•Coordination for architect & construction

•Sourcing of local material and furniture

•Sourcing of local plants & trees

•Coordination for workers

•Hiring of staffs such as security, gardening, cleaning, cooking personnel

Therefore, should you need any assistance in your LOMBOK project, I would not hesitate to recommend that you seek support and help from AGUNG. If you need to get more information, please feel free of contacting me.

All the best.

Francois Michael Vandenheste

Owner of The Anandita.


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