Stretching across 560 acres of unspoiled natural land including a two and half-kilometer private beach, this spectacular all-villa resort offers secluded privacy and the ultimate exclusivity. The 21 villas of exceptional design are built on private terraces with large verandahs that sift through the trees with an impressive use of living space, imbued by natural materials to make the most of the dramatic views. Guest facilities include the iconic Boathouse, Ombak restaurant, Nio Beach Club, Menara Bale, private dining pavilions and the Beach Spa. http://www.nihiwatu.com



Situated on sloping hills, our 7 secluded and luxurious cottages offer a haven in an idyllic setting of Western comfort and stunning views. All cottages at Sumba Nautil Resort are built in accordance with traditional practices using local materials, traditional artifacts, with air-conditioning and large windows. The cottages, hand-built by Indonesian craftsman, have a terrace offering spectacular views on the endless Indian Ocean with its dramatic cliffs and the sloping Sumbanese headlands.




The 100-hectare resort’s beachfront area of approximately 1 kilometer in length and the forests along each side of the Newa river, form part of the resort’s extensive nature preserve, an ideal sanctuary for wildlife. Bird-watching activities is common and many of the bird species are rare and found only in this area.



The Northeast of Sumba Island

  • Pantai Cemara at Pantai Kambera is the only resort in this area. It is brand new, small, quiet, stylish but unfortunately very high-priced, direct on the beach. The bungalows are a bit too close to each other. Snorkelling, and boat trips are possible. The surrounding area is a desert. Phone: 0811380335 and website.


  • Hotel Merlin is the first address in town – but not the newest. The rooms overlooking the main road Ahmad Yani are loud. Some rooms need renovation. It has a rooftop restaurant with panoramic views of the town and up to Flores Island. There are cars, motorcycles and guides for hire. Phone: 038761300.
  • Hotel Tanto in Jalan Prof. Dr. Yohanes is very new, very expensive, has a lot of plastic stuff in the rooms and a sterile atmosphere. Phone: 038762500, 038761048 or 081283255500.
  • Hotel Elvin is currently renovated and extended again, it is clean and well maintained. The rooms are large, but the main road Ahmad Yani is loud. It is a bit impersonal. Phone: 038761773 or 038761642.
  • Maramba Homestay + Cafe has opened in November 2014. It is located in Jalan Ikan Hiju 15, a quiet side street, next to the Western Bus Terminal. All rooms with AC, bathroom and a shaded terrace. The shop of the Chinese owner is directly opposite. Phone: 038761594 und 082147541354.
  • Hotel Elimindo is expected to be completed in spring 2015. It is located 300 meters from the airport, right at the river, has small rooms with bath. Phone: 038762776 or 081230158000.
  • Hotel Sandalwood is just behind the Merlin. It is significantly cheaper; the atmosphere is quiet and personal. The rooms are clean. Here you can also rent cars, motorcycles, and guides. Ikat is offered. The attached restaurant (2 doors down) is usually empty and seems rather uncaring. Phone: 038761887.
  • Hotel Kaliuda is about 100 meters away from the Sandalwood and Merlin. It has simple but clean rooms, is also quiet and has a personal atmosphere. An extension is under construction. Phone: 038761264 or 038762806.
  • Wisma Eldorado Wisma Eldorado is located a bit outside the city, at km 5 Jalan Matawai Amahu (which is a bit loud) but on the way to the 2 new harbours and 1 km from the western bus terminal. It has 6 rooms with bath a terrace and is super clean. The Chinese owners are very friendly and keen to help. Phone: 038761781 or 085238017879 and website.
  • Lima Saudara (5 brothers and sisters) is located in Jalan Wanggameti near the old port. It has simple rooms, personal atmosphere, and a lot of local guests. It is inexpensive and therefore usually full. A renovation is recommended. Phone: 38761083.
  • Hotel Jemmy in Jalan Umbu Maria Hongu is simple, cheap, and impersonal. Phone: 038762747.
  • Wisma Melati in Jalan Marisi is simple and clean, but it has small rooms. It has a very dedicated owner family. Phone: 038762030


Source : www.sumba-information.com