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One of the most popular for single structure ownership by foreigners. Essentially a buyer puts land ownership in an Indonesia nominee’s name who signs a series of legal agreements giving up their rights to the land until a sum of money is ‘repaid’. The process has gotten very refined over the last few years with the multiple agreements and willingness of the land office to register a foreigner having debt on land (hak tanggungan) at agrarian offices itself has facilitated. One of the issues with nominee structures is that, understandably, purchasers prefer to have some sort of relationship with their nominee. This can make it impractical for most developments, owing to the fact there are multiple buyers.

We are native of Bali We have invited you, especially including the investment in each region in Bali can be understood by the local community, but you must think back in second time because the face of Bali really have a value of a respectful, they call “AJEG BALI

Literally, a “sub-village”. The smallest unit of the Balinese community structure, the Banjar is very active in community life. All land owners are members of their local Banjar. The Banjar handles a number of community responsibilities including often basic services like security for the area, management of garbage collection, and other essential services. Good relations with your local Banjar is a must.