If your companies involve commercial and productive works, we offer investments in the following fields of potency business

Agribusiness sector: Our rural communities cultivate their fertile lands for agricultural products such and Rice, Cocoa, Vanilla, Tobacco, Banana Abaca (for money), Corn, Soybean, peanut, green bean, Tropical fruits, Papaya, and other. You will enjoys beautiful scenery and relatively cool climates of average Indonesia regions that might suit your needs.

Tourism Sector: Hotel, Restaurant, Water sports, Tours and Travel and Villas available in commercial/productive Tourism areas; both are located in coastal and forest areas with beautiful natural scenery such and rice fields, rivers, and hills supported by strong tropical trees (e.g. mahogany). These are the best places for you to develop and manage your own businesses.

Industrial Sector: All village in the regions of Bali and Lombok have Centers Handicrafts, Woodcrafts.
Bali has approximately 30 villages; Lombok 20 villages. The Handicrafts, Woodcrafts, products found in these regions are hand-woven cloths, ketak (boxes), Bamboo furniture, Pottery, Rattan works, Wooden products used for home accessories with their unique designs.


1. Agriculture
Horticultural Plants.
2. Plantation Sector
Anacardium Accidental
Arabica coffee.
3. Livestock Sector
Pig breeding.
Cow breeding.
Sheep breeding.
Chicken breeding
4. Fisheries Sector
Tuna fishing.
Offshore fish.
Lobsters Pond cultivation.
Reef fish.
5. Industrial Sector
Canning fish or beef.
Sea weeds processing.
Food & beverage industry.
Cashew processing.
6. Tourism Sector
Water Recreation / Recreation service.
Golf course.
7. Other services Sector
Export trade.
Export Production
8. Fresh Water Supply.


And…. If you immediately contact us, perhaps you are one of the luckiest person who distribute our products to all over part of the world.


It is our expectation that your companies should be in accord with the regulation of environment protection and nature preservation. Understanding customs, social norm, quality, and integrity of our beloved people is another expectation that must be well met by investors and executives. We deeply hope that investors and executives from other countries can encourage them improve their export capacity. Thus we can compete in the International level. With this in mind, in the long run this conducive condition will attract a number of foreign investors to invest their capital in our country in the future. We also hope that we can serve you the best we can, so that in future we can complement each other and thus achieve a success together.
We will do our best to support your companies.


  1. Develop high sensitivity to the issues of general human rights on order that the sustain ability of natural resources and the loyalty of human resources can be maintained accordingly.
  2. Obey the legal law and regulation laid down by the both central and local government of Indonesia.
  3. Obey the labor law of Indonesia and the countries of the expatriates you hire, and other legal agreements made with other parties.


Land properties are strategic for leasing and reselling purposes.

a. The owned lands that belong to the category of pipil (proof of ownership) GARUDA have equal legal status to certificate of ownership. However, based on Land form Law, it is suggested that the proof of land ownership (pipil) should be converted into certificate of ownership. To guarantee the exactness of lands, the Land office will conduct detail measuring process. Formerly, the local governments of Indonesia endorsed that certificates of lands in tourism area were not allowed to be issued to prevent a speculation from brokers. However, this policy was against the Land form Law. With the introduction of the new governments at present, the policy is not valid anymore. Now, it is suggested that all lands can have certificates, no exception.

b. Based on the regulation of local governments of Indonesia number 09 of 1989 with an issue on Development of Tourism area of Indonesia as stated explicitly in the article 7,

  1. the allowable building sites for coastal area are as follows:
    (a). Minimum 50 meter measured from the highest tidal lines
    (b). Minimum 40 meter measured from the nearest coastal plants
  2. for certain coastal areas with certain characteristics, a local regulation of all governor in Indonesia will be applied, by considering the Land form Law. To replace the regulation no.09 of 1989, the regulation no.3 of 1999 is legalized in article 7 (1) which states: The limit for building sites is made into 100 meter measured from the highest tidal lines on shores. This new regulation was issued in Indonesia for January 4, 1999.

What do you need to know ?

All governments regulations are bound for all regions in Indonesia, including Bali and Lombok.